I’m On the Right Track By Rosie Horner


I’m on the right track and

I’ve made the first step

but I’m not through yet

it’s so much more I need to do.

Despite the obstacles, discouragement and pain

There is still so much more for me to gain.

I’m still young,

despite my age,

because I’ve decided to cherish every page

of growth, disappointment, encouragement and joy

I’ll still keep the excitement of a child

playing with a new toy.

And when the knockdowns come

and they will

I’ll get up, count my blessings and maintain the thrill.

You see, I’m not going to worry

and I’m not going to fret

because I know

that the God I serve will direct.

So I’ll keep on stepping,

come along if you will,

but don’t hold me back

because I’ve cleaned up my act

and I’m on the right track.

Rosemary Horner 1994