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How To Deliver A Compelling Health Message

How to Sell Your Vinyl Records Online

Can They “C” That You Care?

Declutter and Make Money

Building a Better T.E.A.M


Presentation Skills for the People of God
Different S.T.R.O.K.E.S for Different Folks
Presentation Skills that will Fire Up Your Outreach Message

59 Ways To Show Our Clients We Care
10 Plus Opening and Closings I Dare You to Use in Your Next Presentation
Words Can Hurt or Heal-What did Yours do Today?
How to Train Other Teachers
12 High Voltage Strategies for Delivering Your Informative Health Message
12 High Voltage Strategies for Delivering Your Inspiring Message
Bump Heads Today and Be Buddies Tomorrow
Caring Communications: Connecting with Ourselves, Co-Workers and Clients